The Feral Herbalism Series

The Feral Herbalism Series

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Do you remember the first time you used a natural remedy to heal yourself or your family?

Do you remember the fire of excitement that burst inside you because it actually worked??

Do you dream about the possibility of making and using your very own herbal remedies to support your family’s wellbeing?

Are you ready to save your family money by making your own herbal remedies at home for a fraction of the cost in the store?

Are you tired of running to the pediatrician for every little sniffle, do you wish you had the confidence to treat the most common illnesses at home? 


You know in your heart that you were meant to explore herbalism and healing, but it’s overwhelming.

Where do I start?

Which herbs are the most “important?”

What if I mess something up?

There's a lot of upfront cost, what do I need to buy? 

There are so many herbalism programs out there, but you crave a platform where you can learn alongside others, something simple yet full of the synthesized information you need to know.

You want to learn through experience, with a live group and mentors, not in isolation. You want to be able to ask questions, get clarifications, and tailor the information to your specific needs. You want more direction than a generic, self-paced program can offer.

We have created the program for you.


Imagine a six week series, where we meet in circle, learning the basics of herbs, actions and preparations alongside one another:

Six herbs.

Six remedies.

Six body systems.

Our simple series will go over our six favourite herbs, the ones we use the most in our own homes, along with their corresponding herbal actions. 

You will leave this course with not only the knowledge of these six herbs, but with the skill to interpret other herbal monographs and the confidence to continue your herbal education on your own if you desire! 

Not to mention, you will gain a deepened understanding of six different remedies and the ability to match an herb with the most appropriate preparations for any particular condition. 

Between the monographs, recipes and step-by-step preparation instructions we will share, you will be able to combine your knowledge and intuition in making countless remedies to stock your own herbal medicine cabinet–with plenty to share with family and friends! 

Are you ready to step into your rightful place as the herbalist of your family?

No more holding back–it’s time to give yourself the permission to learn and embody your inner healer. 


By the end of the six week series you will have:

  • An intimate knowledge of the six most commonly used herbs for home herbalism
  • An understanding of how to prepare six herbal remedies and ability to apply the knowledge to many different herbs
  • A good grasp on the six herbal actions most used to treat common illnesses/conditions
  • Knowledge of the six body systems and a multitude of ways to support/treat them
  • Detailed monographs for each of the six herbs
  • Multiple recipes for each herb to try on your own at home
  • A community of other women learning alongside you that you can lean on for support
  • Two herbal mentors to ask questions, get direction, and learn from

Join us for this six week series, Sundays from 3-5pm EST. We begin July 10th. Early bird pricing ends June12th.