Woman sitting in a mountain top meadow mists her face with a fine spray of herbal face toner
Flower Witch Face Toning Spray
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Flower Witch Face Toning Spray

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This toning mist is a blend of organic witch hazel, wild harvested yarrow, and organic floral waters formulated to gently tone, refresh and hydrate your skin.

I started this formula with the highest quality witch hazel I could find. Just distilled organic witch hazel, and a natural preservative (since it doesn't contain alcohol), and I infused that with freshly dried yarrow that I harvested only a month or so prior. After that infusion was strained, I added a small amount of yarrow tincture and a carefully selected blend of floral waters (also called hydrosols). 

Yarrow is one of my favorite skin herbs. It tones and tightens skin so well, and helps to speed skin cell turnover, so your skin looks brighter and fresher the more you use it. It can also reduce zits and pimples, lower redness and inflammation, and help promote a healthy skin microbiome on the face. While the addition of yarrow tincture does add some alcohol content to the blend, I kept it pretty low, so it shouldn't be too drying on the skin.

The blend of floral waters contains damascus rose, lavender, chamomile, and helichrysum. All offer their lovely scent, as well as skin calming and hydrating actions to this blend.

Helichrysum has been studied for its numerous skin benefits, including healing burns (and preventing sunburn, although I wouldn't use it in this form for that purpose), improving skin hydration, and reducing environmental damage to the skin. It is also said to refine skin texture and improve healing.

Rose has long been known as a beautifying herb for the skin, used in countless creams, serums, oils and masks. Studies are now showing its myriad benefits might be due to its ability to prevent or reverse DNA damage, one study concluded that Rosa damascena “showed significant potential for preventing oxidative DNA damage and radical scavenging activity” (Kalim et al., 2010, Abstract).